Let’s say I have a precise question that meets all SO requirements. Question is about an issue on a real, public, production website.

Sometimes it’s really faster and better to paste the link to this site than to create a fiddle that can be out of context.

Is is totally OK to ask such a question with a link to a site and not being accused about spam?

Obviously I will paste some code snippets to "show my efforts" and attempts to solve the issue by myself.

Basically I have an issue with my live blog where there is particular thing that behaves weird on Safari / iOS and pasting the URL for people to investigate via Chrome Dev Tools would in my opinion be the most efficient way to deal with it…

Thanks for any opinions.

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Is is totally OK to ask such a question with a link to a site

No. Your code needs to go in the question. Questions that depend on links to external sites are off-topic.

If you can't produce a debugging question that includes everything necessary to reproduce your problem, then your question is probably not suitable for Stack Overflow.

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