I have seen few company pages on SO Jobs and I like the section "Who you'll work with". This gives a person an opportunity before applying for a job to know people already working for that company.

But I have recently seen a company page which has 6 users listed on "Who you'll work with" section and only 3 of them have reputation > 1. I don't think this adds any values by merely listing the users no matter what their reputation/contribution is to SO.

I am not saying they should start contributing to SO, but just seeing a profile page with very minimal information is not adding any values according to me.

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    Well they may have 1 reputation at SO but a significant amount at another stack exchange site that might have an impact for the job they do. – Joe W Apr 11 '17 at 20:02
  • Its hard to see where this user list comes fro, tbh. – Sean Houlihane Feb 25 at 17:49

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