I'll start by saying I'm not sure if this is an issue, so I've tagged this as discussion for now.

Today I tried to look for Using console.log() to include in an answer. In my haste, I entered "console" into the search field and hit Enter, but to my dismay this topic was nowhere to be found:

enter image description here

After submitting my answer I went back and found that if I'd waited a couple of seconds the article I was looking for would have been right there near the top of the prediction drop-down on the search box itself:

enter image description here

A worse example of this in action is if I were to search for a symbol like +. The prediction drop-down gives me exactly what I want:

enter image description here

Yet none of those entries are pulled through onto the results list when hitting the Enter key:

enter image description here

The search prediction drop-down appears to give a better set of results than the actual results list. This appears to happen because the prediction looks at titles whereas the results list looks at content (and appears to ignore titles(?)). Is this intentional?



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