I was looking for a way to specify wildcards in tags in my ignored list, since there are so many version tags of php frameworks that I have little to no experience in. It got annoying to add them all.

I found quite a few questions on meta about variations of this request and finally a link to this blog post: https://stackoverflow.blog/2009/05/07/interesting-and-ignored-tags-now-support-wildcards/

This is exactly what I'm looking for, except it deosn't seem to work.

Here is the question list with a wildcard specified: enter image description here All the questions should be greyed out.

In this case, since all these questions are tagged with the base magento tag, they are all greyed out when adding that specific tag: enter image description here

What am I doing wrong with my wildcard tag?


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I can't reproduce this anymore, so it looks like the issue got fixed at some point.

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