I will like to know if there is a way to see all protected questions related to one specific tag.

For example, I would like to see all protected questions which are tagged with .

Is there a way I can see those questions?

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You can use the data explorer to query this. Note however, it's only refreshed every Sunday.

Here's an example query:


Note that it doesn't take into account questions which were protected and then unprotected; this will get you all questions tagged which were at one point protected. Feel free to further refine it

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Here is an updated version of the SEDE query, which lets you enter the tag name as a parameter, and only includes questions which are protected now last Sunday.

For reference, here is the complete query:

select posts.id as [Post Link], pq.creationdate as [Protection date]
from posthistory as pq
inner join posts on pq.postid = posts.id
inner join posttags on posttags.postid = posts.id
inner join tags on posttags.tagid = tags.id
left outer join posthistory as uq
  on uq.postid = posts.id
  and uq.posthistorytypeid = 20
  and uq.creationdate > pq.creationdate
where pq.posthistorytypeid = 19
  and uq.posthistorytypeid is null
  and tags.tagname = ##TagName:string##
order by pq.creationdate desc
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There's a dedicated link for 10K users (for each relevant site):


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