I've recently closed a question as duplicate. A few minutes ago that question got reopened. I strongly believe that it is a duplicate question, so out of my curiosity I just went to that post for looking who re-opened that question and found that there is no way to get that information. If a question have edit history we can easily find the close and re-open history of a post by checking the edit history, in the above case there is no edit history, hence I couldn't find the details. Is there any way I can find the close/re-open history of a post which doesn't have an edit history ?


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There is just no link to the revision history because the post has not been edited, but the revision history is still accessible at https://stackoverflow.com/posts/43160762/revisions

Alternatively you can have a look at the timeline of the post.


As of 2020 you can see post timeline by clicking at timeline icon below votes count: enter image description here

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