The posting system says that Stack Overflow is not accepting answers from my account any more, and it is suggested that I go back and fix my answers. I had initially posted to say I am still having that problem even with the suggested approach (which wasn't a real fix) in an answer (yea, my bad).

Later on I have actually fixed the problem, so I wanted to edit my answer- however it is said to be deleted by the moderators and even though I edit it, it won't show up. So, how can I get my ban removed if I cannot edit those answers to improve them?

This is the question: Wing IDE not stopping at break point for Google App Engine

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Since you edited your most recent answer after it was deleted and since it now appears to be an answer, I've undeleted it. I don't suppose this will happen for you in the future, but for other people who might get into the same bind, you should be able to flag your own post to let a moderator know you've fixed the problem.

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