These tags describe a complementary pair of C functions, and most questions tagged with one are also tagged with the other.

is the more popular, at 96 questions tagged vs 69, and has the more fleshed-out wiki, so it seems like the obvious choice for the merge target.

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Definitely agree. The functions are two sides of the same coin, and can only be used together.

Most questions that use either use both tags already, and already has a tag wiki.

For example, the only reason I only tagged on What software-visible processor state needs to go in a jmp_buf on an x86-64 processor? and not also is the 5-tag limit and keeping x86 + x86-64 was more useful.

I don't have 5 rep in the tag yet, so I couldn't propose adding setjmp as a synonym of longjmp. Someone should go do that (unless there's a different procedure for tag merges).

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