These tags describe a complementary pair of C functions, and most questions tagged with one are also tagged with the other.

is the more popular, at 96 questions tagged vs 69, and has the more fleshed-out wiki, so it seems like the obvious choice for the merge target.

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Definitely agree. The functions are two sides of the same coin, and can only be used together.

Most questions that use either use both tags already, and already has a tag wiki.

For example, the only reason I only tagged on What software-visible processor state needs to go in a jmp_buf on an x86-64 processor? and not also is the 5-tag limit and keeping x86 + x86-64 was more useful.

I don't have 5 rep in the tag yet, so I couldn't propose adding setjmp as a synonym of longjmp. Someone should go do that (unless there's a different procedure for tag merges).


Clearly, there do not need to be separate tags for each of these, since they refer to the same topic. They should be merged together under a single tag.

We have to choose one of them as the primary tag. Others have argued/assumed that needs to be the primary tag because it is the more widely used tag, with a better excerpt. However, the wiki can be easily moved, and tag synonyms take care of frictionlessly redirecting users to a new tag. So, I've decided that the primary tag should be , since that's the name of the header file (setjmp.h) that provides these functions in C.

  • "longjmp" is usually what I'd say if I was going to mention them, e.g. as an example of something that can break assumptions, or something other than C++ exceptions that can do funky stuff with the stack pointer. But a google search shows that setjmp gets mentioned the same amount, and on site:stackoverflow.com there are 3000 hits for setjmp vs. 2930 for longjmp. So I guess that's fine, maybe other people think of "setjmp" as the primary thing, and your point about the header name is good. Dec 16, 2020 at 16:56
  • Note that they're synonyms, @Peter, so even if someone tries to use [longjmp], that'll still work just fine. Dec 17, 2020 at 6:22
  • True. My concern is only how it looks in the list of tags. We have a tag for [context-switch], not [context-save]. (And a [context] tag with a couple random uses about other things). Err, and we also have a separate tag for [context-switching]. stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/context-switch vs. stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/context-switching; should probably also be synonyms. But anyway, setjmp is fine, this isn't a real objection, more a digression about how I think about things. Dec 17, 2020 at 6:42

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