react-route v4 is recently released. The documentation on SO was written for v3.

I wanted to edit the title from Getting started with react-router to Getting started with react-router v3 but it does not let me.

enter image description here

Since I am not able to change it, I cannot submit a review for discussion

enter image description here

The error message

enter image description here

What can I do in this situation?


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The title of the Introductory Topic is generated automatically from the tag's friendly name:

Getting started with $tag

The tag friendly name is editable in the tag wiki:

Tag wiki

I updated the friendly name to "React Router", which I believe is more accurate.

If an example only works for v3, you might consider using inline versions or changing the title of the example itself. The intro topic itself (unlike other topics) can't be limited to a specific version, however. Some tags have separate topics to go into more detail about installation, which might help here.

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