This fine answer has a timestamp that looks like this:

wrong timestamp

However, the author states that this is an edit timestamp, not an answer timestamp. Indeed, that seems to be the case:

enter image description here

I had downvoted the answer based on the timestamp (it looked like a copy of the accepted answer which was posted three years prior), but I now see that the answer deserved an upvote instead.

Why is this answer displaying the wrong timestamp? If other answers are displaying this same issue, then it needs to be fixed. Had I not left a comment explaining the reason for the downvote then this issue would have not come to light.

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    You misunderstand - it's the other answer that's been edited after techturbulence posted their answer.
    – J. Steen
    Commented Mar 20, 2017 at 9:28

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To clarify: It wasn't displaying the wrong timestamp. The link shows: A user answered this question. I added new info (about PHPdoc) Then the user edited their (earlier) answer to include my info, rendering my answer redundant.

A new question might be: How can we prevent earlier answers being edited in order to gain more points through copy-pasting?

Furthermore, should we do this, since we can never tell the intent of such an edit - it's fine to improve an answer. SE is about providing quality answers, crediting the right person for their info is secondary.

I didn't want a duplicate answer (D.R.Y, right?) so I removed mine.

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