As a reviewer for the Suggested Edits queue, I am confronted with two very distinct types of review:

  1. The suggested edits on Posts:

    • Posts account for the most visible data of Stack Overflow (the core of Q&A), so they need to be dealt quickly and they have a low maximum of queued items making this queue (I'm guessing) the fastest, together with First Posts
    • suggested edits are made by people with 0 to 1,999 Reputation
    • they can be voted on, or improved/replaced directly from the queue, when you have 2,000 Reputation (or unilaterally by the post owner, if they are not suspended)
    • they shall not conflict with author's intent
    • eyes should be opened for not breaking/adding anything (except relevant tags)
  2. The suggested edits on Tags wiki/Usage guides:

    • Tag info accounts for far fewer visits, so (I'm guessing) they wouldn't reduce Stack Overflow's popularity, if handled slower than Posts
    • suggested edits are made by people with 1 to 19,999 Reputation
    • they can only be voted on when you have 5,000 Reputation and improved/replaced directly from the queue when you have 20,000 Reputation
    • they can fully redefine the previous content (which could even have been empty)
    • they often come as two independent edits where one is likely bad, because if wiki or usage guide is previously empty, you can't edit one part without completing the other part, which is of a very different nature and where many fall into a trap
    • eyes should be opened for copyright issues and confusion between definition and usage guidance

Reviewing Posts and Tags wiki/Usage guide being so different and requiring different mindset:

I'd like a filter by type.



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