A picture is worth a thousand words:

This keeps happening if I widen the window, up until the search bar reaches its maximum width and switches to a static width. At that point, the problem quite abruptly goes away:

It was seen on Firefox 52, Windows 10.

  • FWIW, even in environments which auto-hide scrollbars when not in use, that icon looks uncomfortably close to the edge of the screen compared to the spacing between icons at that window size, and the transition point is an obvious jump.
    – Dave
    Commented Mar 19, 2017 at 10:36
  • This really needs more visibility - if they are so set on a sticky top bar, it needs to be able to handle smaller screens (or the browser displaying on half of a screen, as here, without making navigation impossible or it's just plain broken.
    – Ajean
    Commented Mar 23, 2017 at 18:40

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Not only the menu, but also the content.

asked x

viewed y times

⬑ Notice how these are hidden too and you are forced to scroll horizontally.

Some time ago the website content was increased to ~1100px from ~900px (related; can't seem to find the original post), even though it seems it hasn't been made much responsive other than showing / hiding some parts of the navbar (such as the reputation) and making an exclusive mobile site.

The bug

The worst part of it, which you are probably referring to, is the fact that you can't even scroll to the menu — content scrolls but header keeps on the same position.

Whilst it works fine on tablets:

enter image description here

On the computer only the content moves.

enter image description here

However, it only fails on the computer when using the fixed header. The non-sticky header can be scrolled just fine.

It works fine for tablets, sticky header can be horizontally scrolled.

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