Favourite tags are cool, but there are cases, where I'm interested in a tag, but only when it's paired with a specific other tag, for example I'd like to have a favourite query for tags [realm][android], so [realm][swift] is not matched.

I'd love to see favourite tag combinations on this site.

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We can accomplish the same thing by editing the URL, and then save the link with your favourite bookmark method.

For example, I am often interested in questions specific to , so I could use the link:


...to list all questions that have both the and tags.

Then it can be customized with other parameters, such as ?sort=votes to sort by votes.

I keep them all together in a folder on my Firefox toolbar :


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    It is worth noting that the now unshipped / sunset / retired previous new nav release candidate had a feature to organize and store the tag combination the /questions page. When that was disabled those that still used it had to fallback to the bookmark method you describe. Currently that is only feasible way. – rene Jul 1 '18 at 18:54

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