Favourite tags are cool, but there are cases, where I'm interested in a tag, but only when it's paired with a specific other tag, for example I'd like to have a favourite query for tags [realm][android], so [realm][swift] is not matched.

I'd love to see favourite tag combinations on this site.


We can accomplish the same thing by editing the URL, and then save the link with your favourite bookmark method.

For example, I am often interested in questions specific to , so I could use the link:


...to list all questions that have both the and tags.

Then it can be customized with other parameters, such as ?sort=votes to sort by votes.

I keep them all together in a folder on my Firefox toolbar :


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    It is worth noting that the now unshipped / sunset / retired previous new nav release candidate had a feature to organize and store the tag combination the /questions page. When that was disabled those that still used it had to fallback to the bookmark method you describe. Currently that is only feasible way.
    – rene
    Jul 1 '18 at 18:54

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