I usually linked to this question to give some advice on why you should not extend JFrame because it's a rigid component and cannot be placed inside another one, and instead they should build their Swing GUI based on JPanels. This was a good question (IMO) which had some good answers.

As I don't have 10k rep I cannot see why was it deleted, so I would like to know. This was an old question and last time I visited it I was able to see it, I'm teaching a coworker (a trainee) how to deal with arrays and he asked me why not extend JFrame and there were really good explanations.

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It was automatically deleted as a dead question.

You are mistaken though, it was a downvoted question that has no answers on it, only comments. Perhaps you wanted this question which was linked as a duplicate in the comments?

  • Oh... My bad, I guess I'll have to delete that item from my browser's history... Thank you and sorry about that. I'll accept this answer in 12 more mins :)
    – Frakcool
    Mar 8, 2017 at 17:31

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