Trying to add the introduction below fails with this error message (and only when Submit for Review is hit):

Introduction must be simple markdown - no images, tables, lists, etc.

Without the example intro topic gets removed, because topic specific focus is unclear for reviewers.

The desired content of intro section:

Different ways to create subcommands like in hg or svn with the exact command line interface and help output shown in the help message:

usage: sub <command>


 status -  show status
 list   -  print list

https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/python/1382/parsing-command-line-arguments covers broader topic of arguments parsing.

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Introductions are severely limited because are intended to be quick signposts of what the topic is about. It's directly analogous to tag wiki excerpts. If you feel the need to add code, it's a good indication you are really writing an example, syntax, parameters or even a remark. While it hasn't yet been implemented, introductions could be used as a short summary in a list of topics as tag excerpts are on a list of tags.

If you feel that a topic should prominently start with a bit of code, it's better to not include an introduction and put the code in a pinned example instead. Not every topic needs an introduction and starting off with a codeblock is very much in keeping with guiding vision of Documentation.


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