I'm using the Stack Exchange app on my Android device and when I try to mention someone in the comments it's not showing the auto complete and the users are not getting mentioned. Can anyone help me on this issue?

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    @PSN click on the left arrow on the top menu after tapping the comment you want to reply to. Just did it from the app... – user000001 Mar 5 '17 at 14:27

Auto-complete to reply doesn't work in the Android app, but you can reply to a comment by selecting the comment (tap on it) and then from the top menu bar that appears select the left arrow button, like in the screenshot below:

Show where to click to reply to comment.

After selecting the arrow, the comment box is activated, with @username already completed.

  • Its working for the answer but not my question. – PSN Mar 5 '17 at 15:05
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    @PSN: I am bit confused by your comment... Are you saying that the reply shortcut doesn't work on a specific question? Or that the answer missed the point of this meta question? – user000001 Mar 5 '17 at 15:10
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    I mean its working when I do the above steps in this answer section but when I click on the comment button below my question I can't see the arrow. – PSN Mar 5 '17 at 15:42
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    @PSN That's weird. Are you sure the comment you selected to reply to is not your own? You won't get the link in that case. – user000001 Mar 5 '17 at 15:45
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    Yes I'm sure. I tried Peter Mortensen's comment. – PSN Mar 5 '17 at 15:47
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    @PSN Another thing I just noticed is that if you started to type the comment the link doesn't appear. It is only there if the comment textfield is closed. – user000001 Mar 5 '17 at 15:53

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