This is relocated (manually) from MSE after someone explained the MSO distinction and the question's relevance mostly to SO.

While digging through the existing (MSO-focused) content on question quality and closing, I noticed a bunch of complaints of the LMGTFY variety. Is this a big enough problem that it would be worth complementing "Questions that may already have your answer" with an inline google search (even just the top 1 or 2 responses)?

Benefits would include:

Two objections were mentioned before I relocated (losing comments) the question:

  1. "Why send folks elsewhere?" Some responses:
    • Answers/respondents are doing this anyway
    • This would only affect people who reached the "ask" stage and not the general (e.g. search) user
    • At some point, the community resources to moderate/close are more precious than a few eyeballs
  2. "Cost of Google Search." Valid, but are there offsetting benefits?
    • How valuable are community resources?
    • How many "asks" are actually started in a year?
    • Could the google search appear (i.e. the API call made) only after "passing" on the existing SO question list?


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