Pop ups are currently just being placed on top of the content, not the menu bar.

Is this how a page pop up should work, or should it actually be placed on top of all content?

Vimeo (upload video), imgur (new post), Google+ (what's new with you?), Instagram (user more details) are all placing their popups on top of ALL the page.

This affects both sticky and non-sticky header.

When adding a new link (notice the white header):

add link

When uploading an image (again, notice the white header):

upload image

Also, what about code snippets? They don't seem to be follow the others convention.

add code snippet

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    All dialogs are eventually going to be indistinguishable from the Windows UAC elevation prompt. – Hans Passant Feb 26 '17 at 17:29
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    It's a bug. Header should not be above overlay. We will fix it. – Paweł Feb 27 '17 at 12:48

Fix for this issue is waiting in repo and should be live after next build. Thanks for reporting.

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