I flagged this question not because the title was unclear, but because the body was.

I made an answer that generated 4 random numbers from 0 to 9, just as the guy asked in the title. The body is quite unclear (at least to me) - he pushes, pops, some values are not correct, some are repeating. My answer got downvoted almost immediately. Eventually, the guy picked it as the correct one. That happened after I edited it in such a way that it no longer generated 4 numbers. It removed 4 random values from an array and added them to another array.

Judging by what he picked as correct, I can say that what he wanted to do is store 4 randomly removed values from an array and not generate 4 random non-repeating numbers - what he actually asked. If you ask for something that you don't actually need, isn't that unclear?

If in the answer he picked as correct you fill the array with these values:

[42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42]

You would get the output [42, 42, 42, 42]. Those are four not random, not in the range 0-9 and definitely not non-repeating numbers.

The title of the question is:

How to generate 4 random non-repeating numbers from 0-9?

And what he basically deems as valid output is [42, 42, 42, 42].

How was that clear?



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