There are many times where I will search for an answer to a question that I have looked up in the past (e.g. something I don't do often that I then proceed to forget by the time I need to do it again).

Often these will be solutions that have been around for years and thus have a tendency to pick a large collection of varying answers.

Generally, the ability to sort answers based on 'Votes' is great, this is what I use myself and it usually ensures the best answers are at the top. However, this is only really beneficial if it's a new problem I am trying to solve. In the scenario I have explained above, I almost always want to see the answer that I upvoted, and I don't care about any other answers that have higher votes.

So my suggestion is, that we have a new sort order. Something like 'My Votes'.

This order will push my votes to the top, the fallback would ideally be the logic currently used for the 'Votes' sort order.

To simplify what I am trying to suggest:

ORDER BY HasMyVote THEN BY NumberOfVotes

Of course, it would be wise to take into account that my downvotes should be pushed to the bottom. Lets say for example there is a field for MyVoteOrder where UpVote = 0, NoVote = 1, DownVote = 2. The query would be:


(By the way, I am not suggesting these are valid queries. They are simply to help explain what I am looking for)

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