I would like to add some documentation to Stack Overflow which covers the topic of how to set up a dedicated Google App Engine project.

I have a working example of such a project in my public GitHub Repository and I got the idea to link this GitHub project in my documentation example.

Is this a practical way for a piece of Documentation? Or should I avoid links to GitHub and use screenshots or code examples from my GitHub Project?

I read the introduction for the Documentation page but I did not get any hints about linking Github repositories.

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    SO documentation should not aggregate links for 3rd party sources IMO – Alon Eitan Feb 21 '17 at 10:26

Your item on Documentation should be self-contained. It should not rely on links to external resources.

If your project on GitHub illustrates the point, you can add it for reference. But, do this only if the purpose is to provide a reference and "further reading".
If the purpose is to draw more attention to your own project on GitHub, that is self-promotion, and we don't want that.

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