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I often see people posting a screenshot (or worse: just linking instead of embedding the image) with an error message, while the actual error message is not included in the question. That makes it hard to copy-paste the message to search for the message, nor does Stack Overflow find similar questions. In many cases the screenshot doesn't add any value.

Some examples:

Based on Is it ok to post gists instead of copying the code? I think it's not OK ("Posts on Stack Overflow need to be self-contained"), but I'd like your opinion about this matter.

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No, that is not okay.

That makes it hard to copy-paste the message to search for the message, nor does Stack Overflow find similar questions.

That's exactly why we should not and do not want screenshots, Stack Overflow is not a support site; it's a Q&A-site. We collect questions and answers to serve as resource for people who are facing problems while programming. Making it nearly impossible to find the question & the answers goes directly against that. Another problem is that images may not be available in the future, but, as we're using Imgur, that's unlikely to happen.

If I stumble upon one of those questions I either comment, and ask the author to add the error message as text, or edit it myself (if the rest of the question is at least decent!).

If the author does not edit his question and doesn't react, or - worse - simply ignores it and keeps asking for an answer, I flag the question with a fitting flag reason, most likely something in the lines of "No MCVE", etc.

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