I just noticed that the Auto indentation (Shift + tab) does not indent the code anymore in the stack snippet but instead reduce the indent level by one, example to make a fast test :

<li>Black tea</li>
<li>Green tea</li>


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From m0sa's answer:

Shift-Tab removes an indentation level, from the lines in the current selection, since this is how most developers expect it to behave.

Previously it was using the CodeMirror.commands.indentAuto which was buggy in the old codemirror release.

I've also remapped that command to the tidy function for the given editor, so if anybody wants to remap it back in a user script (e.g. CodeMirror.keyMaps.default['Shift-Tab'] = 'indentAuto').

And from his comment:

if you really want it, the command is still there, and works consistently with the tidy link now

The Tidy link in question corresponds to the Tidy button present at the upper left corner of the Snippet editor.

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