I'm usually following a page with the list of tags using the "or" between them, e.g. this one.

Before the addition of the new top-bar, the block with the list of tags on the right had the same width with other blocks on the right side of the page.

Now, I suspect, because of the "Ask Question" button positional change, there is a lot of space to the right making the block with tags quite narrow:

enter image description here

Looks like the parent element of the "Ask Question" button is "eating up" the valuable space:

enter image description here

Is this by design or a UI bug/problem?

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    it's not quite a bug, it's more like a problem. we have some mess in sidebar's code that we need to figure out, but that's separate topic.. i will try to see what we can do here to fix the way tags are displayed. but i can't promise this will be done today or tomorrow.. – Paweł Feb 15 '17 at 17:20

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