After multiple feature requests (1, 2) in the latest top bar update, the different notification colors were added back. However, the achievement icon (not the count, the icon) turns green even when there are only upvote notifications.

icon color demo

For notifications and reviews, the count is colored but not the icon. For achievements, the count and icon are colored, even though I did not receive a badge. I expect the icon to be colored only for badge notifications.

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    The old achievement icon did turn green. – user4639281 Feb 10 '17 at 20:15
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    @TinyGiant Yes, when there were badge achievements. I'm saying that it's always turning green for me when there are any achievements now. – davidism Feb 10 '17 at 20:15
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    I think @Tiny meant that it turned green for rep changes too; that's my impression concerning the old icon at least. – Andras Deak Feb 10 '17 at 20:17
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    @AndrasDeak the old icon was covered up when there were rep changes. If it turned green for any notification, that's still inconsistent with how all the other new icons behave. – davidism Feb 10 '17 at 20:18
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    Yes, that is what I meant. I always browse at 90% zoom, at which point the colored background can be seen – user4639281 Feb 10 '17 at 20:18
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    Maybe it's the other icons that need to change then. Why's it always gotta be the achievements icon that has to change to suit every other button? :P – user4639281 Feb 10 '17 at 20:21
  • I think you'll have the distinction when it is colored but doesn't have a badge, no? – user4639281 Feb 10 '17 at 20:40
  • Seems to be fixed now meta.stackoverflow.com/a/343130/5233410 based on the same post referred to in OP – Nkosi Feb 11 '17 at 22:39
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    @Nkosi I'm not observing the expected behavior, as the screenshot shows – davidism Feb 11 '17 at 22:51
  • I don't get what you're moaning about, the icon always changed green when there was a rep change. – user692942 Feb 13 '17 at 11:52
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    @Lankymart the number, not the icon. The icon was only green for badges. Also, I'm not "moaning", I'm reporting a bug. – davidism Feb 13 '17 at 12:01
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    @Lankymart - that it did, doesn't mean that was the right behaviour. – Oded Feb 13 '17 at 12:19
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    @Lankymart - OP is reporting a bug. The bug has become a lot more apparent in the new design. I don't know why you have to go into personal attacks on a bug report though. – Oded Feb 13 '17 at 12:23
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    @Lankymart - where do you see a complaint? I see a bug report. – Oded Feb 13 '17 at 12:25
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    And I am saying that though "it's been that way as long as I can remember", @Lankymart, that behaviour was wrong since then... Just because a bug existed since the dawn of time doesn't make it any less of a bug ;) – Oded Feb 13 '17 at 12:34

Thanks for reporting this bug.

As others have commented, this isn't a change in functionality - the black top bar behaved the same (though it is more difficult to see, as the number pretty much covers the icon).

The new design shows this much more clearly - and it is a bug - the icon should only highlight when you have unread achievements.

I have fixed this bug now - the fix will be available in the next deploy.

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