I was recently awarded the new silver census badge and noticed something strange about it: It seems I – and also the last two batches of users rewarded with the badge, 7 and 9 hours ago respectively – have now an incorrect badge count.

I get results like the following for different users and on different machines.

Incorrect badge count

Was anything changed recently or is this working as intended (WAI) and badge counts will be updated later?

I cannot remember experiencing such a significant delay in getting a badge and it being reflected in the badge count before.

Update 2017-02-01: A day has passed and the badge counts for the user group mentioned are up-to-date again. I am still interested in an explanation though.

This is not a duplicate of Badge not being awarded as their scenario is getting a notification and not (yet) having their profile show the badge awarded at all. In the case I explained here, the badge lists correctly as being awarded but the count is not accurate anymore.

(Please check the screenshot. The Census badge is there, yet the count of silver badges shows as "—" and the total is incorrect as well.)



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