Observed behaviour

I recently reviewed this proposed change. I decided to reject for plagiarism and saw afterwards that I seemed to be the only person to have reviewed this. But when I looked into the history, it showed two others had approved an item of the same name. When clicking the relevant links provided, it linked to my review with their approve votes still missing.

I decided to ask on meta

Why did this happen? Have their votes been invalidated due to my “inappropriately copied content” vote?

(If the answer to the latter question is not “yes”, I will request this feature.)

While I wrote this post, I continued checking the review item and after a while, another person rejected with the same comment as I. This showed up just fine, the approves were still missing.

Before I finished my post, the proposal was rejected (yet another person disliked plagiarism). And all of a sudden, the approve votes were shown.

Expected behaviour

I expected their votes to be shown all the time.

When they did not show up, I expected them to be gone for good.

Actual Question

Why did this happen?

(To make this post not “too broad”, I will make the feature request its own post, should I still feel the need to do so after having understood why this happened the way it did.)

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