I asked a question. Someone answered but it wasn't really a concise answer, it just said a bunch of things, one of which helped me find the answer I was looking for. I then answered my own question which in my opinion is the easiest and correct answer to the question and I have given credit to the guy who helped me get the answer.

At the moment I upvoted the other person who helped me find the answer to my question. Without him I wouldn't have figured it out myself.

I would also like to mark him as the answer to my question just to give him rep for it but at the same time I feel that my answer is really the most concise way to answer my question and would help future folk stumbling onto my question more, even though I get nothing by doing it.

What should I do?


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What should I do?

You should mark as accepted the answer that most helped you. That's the only criteria.

Or choose to not mark any answer - that's also entirely valid.

If you really feel like giving this person some rep - vote their answer up. Done.

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