is the main tag, which, while rather vague IMO, at least has a wiki and about 1800 questions.

is the possible duplicate, with no wiki and only 164 questions asked.

I have not conducted a thorough investigation into the quality of the questions under either tag but the couple I saw seemed to be better tagged .

I don't quite know how these things are supposed to be handled (and probably don't have the rep to do anything myself), so I thought I should bring this to people's attention on meta.

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    You've handled this appropriately. It should be brought to Meta, a consensus should be reached, and then a moderator will step in to merge the lesser tag into the greater tag, as well as create a synonym. That will elegantly handle the problem, with minimal or no disruptions. Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 17:19

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I collided and so hard they became one.

I left alone. The wiki seems to be doing an OK job disambiguating for now. If I collided any more tags today I just might cause a singularity.

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