The last days I noticed that not every modified question appears again on top of the frontpage.

But some are.

enter image description here

Is there a special amount of modifications where the questions appears on top again to avoid just changing very small part to get more views? Or do I have to change e.g. at least 50% of the question to make it appearing again?

It would be useful to know that if you still working at your question and update it regularly.

If the question appears e.g. just for the first modification again, it would be better to wait longer to have more information to update. Because if you make a bigger update and the question doesn't appear on top nearly no one will see it. Than I think it's not worth to invest a bigger amount of work in rewrite the question if just one or two persons will see it.

In THIS question CodeCaster wrote in the comments that the algorithm of the frontpage is explained somewhere on meta, but I was not able to find anything.

So how does that work, or is it a "secret"?

(Maybe I just didn't look carefully and overlooked the modified questions, but I don't think so.)



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