I am using a FF 50 under Windows 10. Right now I don't have an access to another computer, so I can't figure it out myself.

Looking at whatever article I could find, Stack Snippets are still functional, and I come across them in answers quite often, but I don't understand how to create them! When I create/edit question or answer, I just don't have a "Create snippet" button like it's shown in the introduction here. Also, "edit the above snippet" button is not visible.

Is it only for users with some reputation, or is it environment related, or whatever ?

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this is actually working all fine; only the icon is different from what was presented on the screenshots, and as it looks so generic, I did not bother to check :((( My bad..

Thanks everyone

alert("Forgive me pls");

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    Even though this ended up being a sort-of false alarm, it still points out that the introduction page needs to be updated. The little script-tag icon makes sense, once a person sees it, but it's so easy to overlook, and a diligent person who goes to find the authoritative source should be rewarded with accurate information. – TecBrat Jan 23 '17 at 16:20

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