In Google Chrome, the "Apply Now" button disappears after one or two seconds on this job offer with my account.

No Apply Now button

I looked into the HTML file, and the button gets the clear class appended. I don't know the reason why, but this looks like a bug.

I only see this in Google Chrome. In Firefox, the exact same page works fine and the button remains visible.

Further investigation confirms that this happens for other job pages, too.

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  • I looked into other job offer pages, there the button disappears for me, too. Thus, it is probably not specific to the link, which I posted. – Dima Jan 17 '17 at 6:41
  • 3
    No repro. Perhaps an overzealous ad blocker or privacy addon? – user247702 Jan 17 '17 at 8:40
  • 4
    @Dima what Stijn said; that div is rendered with the clear class and we have no code that hides the apply button subsequent to page load. The fact that it removes the element a couple of seconds after page load indicates that it is probably a browser plugin of some description. I'd suggest loading the page in an incognito window and seeing if you get the same behaviour. – Dean Ward Jan 17 '17 at 8:53
  • @DeanWard: I tried it in the incognito window. The apply button did not disappear. Thus, probably some plug-in lets it disappear. Thank you, for your help. – Dima Jan 17 '17 at 20:41

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