I was reviewing and I had an audit. As I was suspicious that the edition of the content might be from the comments I looked at the post. There I observed that the (1) following the Edit text didn't appear:


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While in previous suggested edits it did:

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This provides an easy way to identify those audits. Shouldn't an audit appear with a (1) next to Edit ?

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    The idea of audits is to catch robo reviewers that don't pay any attention at all. You paid attention and therefore identified the audit. Everything is fine.
    – honk
    Jan 13, 2017 at 9:54

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Good spotting!

Well, the fact that you were suspicous and went to look, already shows that you were paying attention. So the audit served its purpose.
There's not really a need to pretend, on the site itself, that the post is being edited when it isn't. That would probably involve adding a lot of code - just to catch someone who is already taking extra steps before judging an edit.

For edits, it usually isn't necessary to visit the original post; most edits can be judged from the queue. But good for you that you double-checked before judging.

Quite frankly, the audits in the Suggested Edits queue are so easy, the only excuse to fail them is a mis-click.

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