The update to the R package data.table version 1.9.8 comes with the following warning:

Changes in v1.9.8 (on CRAN 25 Nov 2016)


By default all columns are now used by unique(), duplicated() and uniqueN() data.table methods, #1284 and #1841. To restore old behaviour: options(datatable.old.unique.by.key=TRUE). In 1 year this option to restore the old default will be deprecated with warning. In 2 years the option will be removed. Please explicitly pass by=key(DT) for clarity. Only code that relies on the default is affected. 266 CRAN and Bioconductor packages using data.table were checked before release. 9 needed to change and were notified. Any lines of code without test coverage will have been missed by these checks. Any packages not on CRAN or Bioconductor were not checked.

This affects stackoverflow answers coming up in the first page of google for queries like:

how to find duplicate rows with data table
how to get unique rows data.table R

Namely, here and here. I am sure there are many other places where the change invalidates other (accepted) answers. The key issue is that none of the accepted answers work without passing a new argument by = key(DT) to override the new default.

In general this is not limited to the data.table package. Other very popular packages like ggplot2 (version 0.9.x -> 2.x.x has syntax differences), and dplyr (changes the row order of tibbles after operations between versions) are affected as well.

What actions can I or the general community take to make mass changes to these answers?

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    What can be done? The developers can read the "breaking changes" documentation before blindly deploying code they find on the web. – Cody Gray Jan 13 '17 at 5:35

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