This question has been put on hold as unclear. This was perfectly fine as the question was very unclear. I worked with the OP in a chat on what he wanted to ask and we ended up with a complete re-write of his question. All edits were approved but still the question is on hold. Unfortunately, I do not have the rep. to see the reopen votes or reviews, so I do not see why it is still on hold. Can anybody help here? I think I have an answer to the question but I would prefer to post it as answer rather than writing it into the chat.


It has received 2 re-open votes, out of a required 5. So…why is it still "on hold"? Because you only made the edit an hour or so ago, and it hasn't yet received enough attention to be re-opened. (There are a lot of questions waiting to be re-opened after having been edited!)

If you were patient, it likely would have been re-opened.

After bringing it to Meta, something will happen even faster, but no guarantees on what that will be.
Update: The question was re-opened and appears to have survived the Meta effect relatively unscathed!

  • Ah ok, I thought reopening would happen at the same time as approving the edits. As the edits were approved, I assumed the reopen to be rejected. Thanks. – wkl Jan 9 '17 at 13:35
  • 4
    No, they are separate processes. Edits are much easier to get approved, and many edits do not have anything to do with closing or re-opening. – Cody Gray Jan 9 '17 at 13:36

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