One feature I like from Zillow and Craigslist is the ability to hide a listing - I've reviewed the listing, found I'm not interested for whatever reason, so I don't want to see it again.

There is a star to add a listing to my favorites - how about an X to persistently get rid of one, sort of like "un-favorite" (wouldn't want to say "dislike" would we)?

EDIT: This is not the same as Show / Hide company jobs in the search.

The link above excludes every listing for a company.

I am talking about hiding individual job postings one at a time, after you've done a search, clicked on a posting, read it and decided "nope, this one is not for me - I'm not qualified, the company seems too weird, whatever" - so I'll click the "don't show me this one any more" button... not excluding all jobs for a given company.

This request is very similar to Allow users to hide individual job listings which allows you to do the exact thing I want to do, but only in ads.



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