I have a new email address, and it has been updated on one of the Stack Exchange "communities". I use the Stack Exchange account to log in to the "communities" I use, such as this one: Stack Overflow. How can I delete the old email address?

Now I have two logins for Stack Exchange and want to eliminate the old one. Also, I want to make sure future notifications from all "communities" come to my new email address.


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You can manage login accounts in


You can manage contact preferences in



Go into your account by clicking the profile picture next to the reputation and badges in the top right corner. Below the site title, there are a few tabs including, "Profile", "Activity" and "Settings". Click on the "Settings" tab. To the left there is a sidebar, click the menu that says, "My Logins". In the area to the right, you can remove, edit and add any logins to any sites.

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