As you know, Atom is a powerful editor for coders, and it supports many languages.

I am new to Ruby and Atom, and I wrote a "hello world" program to print, but I do not know how to run it.

So, could I ask this type of question on Stack Overflow?

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    As you don't seem to know, your initial statement is incorrect, I have never heard of Atom, apart from being a computer by the company Acorn. – Anthon Dec 30 '16 at 9:44

You could... I mean, it's the sort of question that'd be on-topic...

...But you should probably search first.

enter image description here

Note that one of the first results suggests this is a duplicate: Running Ruby programs in Atom

...and it's pretty similar to this question also: How to run a program in Atom Editor?

...so if you read both of those, follow the instructions, and still can't get it to work, you can post a question about that (including copious details on what you tried to make it work and what appears to be going wrong) and you should be fine.


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