I've been curious about the seemingly esoteric names of some hats, like 925 and 011. And what does December 30th have to do with bacon? I assume they are cute references, but I feel out of the loop.

Apparently I'm not the only one to be confused by hat names.

Is there any authoritative Q&A or community wiki that explains the hat names?

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    Would this on MSE be close to what you're looking for? It's not authoritative, but it'll likely be updated by an employee later. – Kendra Dec 29 '16 at 19:54
  • Ah, that is helpful... and it links to this answer which touches on 925 and 011. I'll add those to the community wiki – Thriggle Dec 29 '16 at 19:58

The best answer appears to be this community wiki on Meta Stack Exchange:

A list of what each of the Winter Bash 2016 hats are named after

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