So, there is a tag. It is used mostly in two cases:

  1. when a question is machine learning related, but language-agnostic. Those questions are revolving around AI techniques, not about the usage of ML frameworks. Examples of such posts can be found here and here.
  2. when a question is about some ML framework in some language. It does not revolve around a technique, but rather around a concrete library for a concrete language. Some examples are given here, here and here.

I find it a little confusing - when filtering by this tag I usually am searching for first kind of answers, as I have more academical knowledge and experience with only some libraries.

Is there already some guideline which of those kinds should be tagged with ? If not, I'd like to start a discussion on that topic.

If I were to propose some approach, I'd use the tag for first kind of questions, and remove it from the other kind. When a question is about a library, library tag should be used, for example there already are and tags.

I realized post-factum that one of those questions I quoted (about HMM) does not match any of the groups I've presented. This question is about a HMM technique itself (so would fit first category), but provides an example using Python and hmmlearn (so it would also fit second group).

Again: Is there any guideline or agreed convention on how to tag such a question?

In my opinion, it should be left with the tag only, because and are not really important to the question itself. On the other hand, the tag could be useful to people looking for examples on how to use that library.

I've found some questions on Meta that are loosely related to this issue:

  • This one and this one could be useful when coming up with best practice on adding language tags on second kind of questions (and I would agree, for example I'd keep both and tags on this question).
  • This one tackles the issue of whether the tag is needed at all, and some answers are in agreement with my proposal - to keep tags more general and avoid adding technology tags to technique questions.
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    I think questions which are not directly programming related may have a better place on ai.stackexchange.com
    – Tensibai
    Dec 23, 2016 at 10:57


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