I join http://winterbash2016.stackexchange.com/ at work. But when I get to the computer at home and click the link I am not autologin in comparison to any other Stack Overflow-type site I was joined.

This requires me to click http://winterbash2016.stackexchange.com/auth/login to log in.

Why does auto log in into Winter Bash not work?

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    If your work and home are different computers, I'm pretty sure on your home box the cookie for the winterbash2016 site wasn't there yet. – rene Dec 22 '16 at 22:24
  • I am logged in on SO and expects autologin on other sites. In this case winter bash – Eugen Konkov Dec 23 '16 at 7:39
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    You still need the auth cookie for the domain, you need to pass through an authentication step, at least once. – rene Dec 23 '16 at 8:50
  • I had gone onto stack, saw I was logged in. Then, I clicked the winterbash site and it wasn't logged in. something is up. – Joe DF Dec 25 '16 at 2:02

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