When you run a code snippet, there is no scrollbar anymore. I do not know if there problem has to do with the console output that is being displayed (and hides part of the snippet itself).

I personally find the console output something very usefull in the code snippet, however, if it hides a part of the html output and I cannot see, or click other elements in the snippet (without clicking Full Page view), I am not sure if I would choose console output much more in the future (personally I favor it over alerts to show some information)

Is there something that can be done about this behavior? Can I choose to either hide the console, put the console on the right, or have scrollbars in both console and snippet view?

2 example questions where I have found this behavior in my own answers:

how to get value of checked box where values are dynamiclly in ng-repeat

Hidden buttons + html

Where clicking once on the show results (which outputs to the console) makes the snippet look like this (hidding the buttons)

JavaScript - How to detect the source that changed the URL?

Completely overlapping the rendered html

Where clicking the links that output some meta information for the user hides practically the full output view

That is a pitty because I like the snippet editor very much, and it makes it easy to demonstrate an answer in the question without having to link to other resources as jsfiddle or other resources

I am not sure if I should see it as a usability problem or a feature request


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