It's pretty minor but I personally make a big distinction between these 2 sentences:

  • I like working with (story view)
  • Tech you want to work with (traditional view)

The first one implies that I have worked with the listed technologies—or at least that's what I would expect as a recruiter; it's not necessarily the case with the "traditional" one. The majority of my technologies were things I hoped to work with in the future.

If it were named I like working with, I would have filled different technologies. By changing the label you are making some of us lie in retrospect.

And there's also the fact that I loved the idea of listing the technologies that you would like to work with. It shows what you are open to, what interests you. It says a lot about someone.

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Thanks for your report. This has been fixed and will be up with our next prod build. We'll use "tech I want to work with" instead of "tech I like working with" consistently now.

We also updated the copy on the Job Match Preferences page accordingly.

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