I've noticed something strange when I edit the wiki intro of a concept, for instance: https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/backbone.js/8178/sync

When editing the intro the preview function displays the processed markdown for lists as expected. In other words the code:

- a
- b
- c

correctly becomes three bullet-ted lines. However, once you save the edit the text is treated as plain text, ie. you get:

-a - b - c

At the very least this seems like a bug in the preview, but ideally it'd be nice if the wiki intro text could process markdown the same as the rest of the site.

  • UH? The specs says that those should be unordered lists. If anything, the render is in the wrong here.
    – Braiam
    Dec 13, 2016 at 1:58

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I have a feeling that the underlying issue here has been addressed by now. Saving the draft and reloading it seems to still render the markdown as a list. However, Introduction doesn't allow lists, so on submission I get an error, as expected:

enter image description here

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