I just encountered this while reviewing posted questions:

  1. The question had to do with future,

  2. The description shown upon hovering on the tag stated that questions about future are off topic on Stack Overflow,

  3. Based on that, I flagged the question as off topic.

It then turned out that it was a sort of exam question and my action was "reprimanded" because the question was properly phrased.

It may be a good idea to maintain consistency across this fantastic site.

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    It's probably a review audit; can you post a link please? Sometimes bad questions are chosen as audits, sometimes not, but then we can explain why. – Glorfindel Nov 30 '16 at 13:41
  • Yes, it was an audit (verifying I'm not asleep I guess). Link: I don't really know how to recover it or search for the specific question (since it was an AUDIT question and not a real one). – FDavidov Nov 30 '16 at 13:43
  • stackoverflow.com/review - you'll see a link to the failed audit there. Unless you're not yet banned, of course. Then you might find the audit in your browser history. Or a moderator might be able to see which audit you failed. – Glorfindel Nov 30 '16 at 13:43
  • Note, don't see any such link (perhaps I'm missing it). – FDavidov Nov 30 '16 at 13:46
  • I don't see any failed audits on your review tab either. Are you sure you failed it? Did you see the STOP message? – Glorfindel Nov 30 '16 at 13:47
  • Yes, there was a STOP. Browsing history would not help since SO is in my favorites. Just to make things clear, I'm not offended or anything even close to that. I just found something that appears to be an inconsistency and reported it. You may check what the tooltip for future is and perhaps rephrase it. – FDavidov Nov 30 '16 at 13:50
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    Well, the fact that [future] should not be used, doesn't mean it's an off-topic question. Another way to find review audits is via this page: stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/history (assuming you were reviewing first posts) - it should be in the list. – Glorfindel Nov 30 '16 at 14:07
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    The tag wiki excerpt says that questions about future events are off-topic. But "future" is also a concept in concurrent programming, and questions involving this concept are very much on-topic. – S.L. Barth - Reinstate Monica Nov 30 '16 at 14:14
  • Gents (and/or ladies): (1) Since it was an AUDIT it perhaps is not logged in the review history (don't see it there); (2) Yes, if was while reviewing first posts; (3) I know what I read in the pop for future and it clearly stated what I mentioned. As for @S.L.Barth last post (with the phrasing) the question was about the meaning of the word in programming. I think that we all spent already too much time on this. I appreciate (and highly value!!!) your response and interest, and suggest we keep things in proportion. Thank you. – FDavidov Nov 30 '16 at 14:17
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    We're not reprimanding you; apologies if that is how my comment came across. Meanwhile, audits should be visible in a user's review history. – S.L. Barth - Reinstate Monica Nov 30 '16 at 14:19
  • @Glorfindel Failed audits are not posted to the user profile review tab – NathanOliver- Reinstate Monica Nov 30 '16 at 15:43
  • @FDavidov Do you remember what queue you were in when you failed the audit? – NathanOliver- Reinstate Monica Nov 30 '16 at 15:43
  • @NathanOliver OK, didn't know that. Passed audits do, and I can't remember my last failed audit so I couldn't check. – Glorfindel Nov 30 '16 at 15:51
  • I believe some audits are auto-generated from valid questions by applying completely invalid edits - it could be one of those cases with tag added (also all cases I've seen are just clearly nonsense edits). – Alexei Levenkov Nov 30 '16 at 16:40
  • @AlexeiLevenkov but that's Suggested Edits. First of all, flagging posts is not the point of Suggested Edits; second, the asker isn't 2K yet. – Nissa Nov 30 '16 at 16:49

You've encountered a bad audit. Probably. It's impossible to tell without a link.

Why was an obviously bad post chosen for me to review positively?

Review audits are chosen automatically. The system isn't perfect, meaning that every so often a poor quality post slips through and is upvoted, which the system interprets as a "high-quality" post.

If you encounter one of these: You can post it on the child meta tagged to draw attention to it, containing a link to either the audit task or the post, and why you disagree with the audit. ♦ moderators can remove the audit from your history, and other users can downvote, vote to close, and counteract the decisions that lead to it being chosen as high-quality.

It's important to emphasize 2 things:

  1. One single failed audit does not get you review-banned. Failing a large number of them does.
  2. Since it was an audit, the post was never actually flagged. You need to click the link to the post and flag it there.
  • SO is a FANTASTIC (!!!!!) site as a service, and one of the best examples I saw for its outstanding response, valuable features, robustness and clarity. Most of all, I highly appreciate the absence of useless pyrotechnical junk. So don't worry, this little glitch did nothing to my perception of this site. I thank you for taking the time to giving a complete answer. – FDavidov Nov 30 '16 at 16:51
  • Just did it :-)). – FDavidov Nov 30 '16 at 16:53
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    The fact that a question contains the tag "future" doesn't mean it's a bad question. It's entirely likely that it's a perfectly acceptable question that's not at all off topic. Just assuming that every audit everyone fails must be a bad audit is extremely harmful behavior, as it means when people (as is most often the case) actually make a mistake, they don't learn from it and correct their behavior. – Servy Nov 30 '16 at 18:58
  • @Servy you might be right—but it's impossible to tell without a link. – Nissa Nov 30 '16 at 19:44
  • @StephenLeppik And yet you choose to specifically assert that it's a bad audit anyway, even though there's considerable evidence to indicate that it was a good audit and no evidence at all to indicate that it wasn't. – Servy Nov 30 '16 at 19:57

You are correctly stopped from wrong flagging.

Invalid tag by itself does not in any way make question off-topic - so if you flag posts "off-topic" solely based on invalid tag than audit correctly warning against wrong behavior.

Correct action in such case could be to "edit" to remove/replace unrelated tag (assuming content of the post is reasonable, otherwise act on content).

There is always "skip" if you are not 100% sure that action is correct.

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