I use the following search query to filter out those questions which are tagged with e.g. or , but not the main one - :

[sitecore6*] or [sitecore7*] or [sitecore8*] or [sitecore-*] -[sitecore] is:question

Works just fine, but this (only one) question is still in search results even though I modified the tags (added ) quite some time ago.

Looks like a bug. If my search query is the problem, please point it out. Thank you!

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That's probably cache.

Give it a couple of minutes, then run the query again. The edited question should disappear from the results, eventually.

For me, the question you linked is not showing in that search.

  • Strange... it usually works the way you describe, but this one always shows up in the search for a couple of weeks. I ended up editing it again - just removing and adding back a tag. Looks like that "awoke" the cache mechanism and it doesn't show up now... Anyway, thanks for your answer. Commented Nov 24, 2016 at 8:13

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