I answered a question (here, for reference) and because I wasn't happy with it went and did some more research and came up with a better way to solve the problem.

I edited my original answer to add the new solution (leaving the old kludge in case the concept had any value), but - is this the best way to do that?

Should I have:

  • deleted the old, sub-optimal (for this case) solution?
  • created a new answer?
  • updated the answer and nuked the orginal solution because it's a red-herring?

I had a search in help before updating my answer but couldn't find anything that addressed this (though I am the first to admit I didn't spend that much time searching)

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I would choose:

update the answer and nuke the original solution because it's a red-herring

There's no reason to keep the bad answer because, well, it's a bad answer. Only keep the clearer answer around so that good, pertinent knowledge is preserved.

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