I was wondering what would be the response to Stack Overflow (Exchange really) collecting and displaying statistics on user visitation?

For example, by country, the amount of questions/answers, most used tags from region, amount of reviews, votes etc...

This doesn't seem very intrusive to me and has research value (social sciences mainly I guess), plus is interesting.

If this seems OK, can it be implemented in the Data Explorer?

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If you have 25k reputation, you get access to site analytics. This might contain some of the information you're looking for. Other than that, you can explore the information available to you via quantcast.

  • Quantcast is cool, didn't know about it. I was thinking about something more fleshy though, slicing through preferred topics etc. I'm not sure analytics would have that either, at least as they are described.
    – kabanus
    Commented Nov 17, 2016 at 9:05

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