I just gave someone credit for a question I had and then noticed that the answer was given (exactly) by another person a few years ago. Here is my question:

Hide div when Save/Open box appears

and you can see the accepted answer is exactly the same given by another person 5 years ago...here

What is your policy on this?

Is it possible to catch browser's File Open/Save dialog event using javascript


Flag as plagiarism with a link to the original answer. You can blow the whistle on them too by leaving a comment stating as much — this lets others know that the answer was not original and points them to the real original.

And, since you're the question asker, flag your own question as a duplicate now that you're aware it has been answered to your satisfaction elsewhere.

I can wait for you to flag before deleting the copy and marking your question as a duplicate if you'd like.

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    ok..I just flagged it....thanks – Allen Nov 13 '16 at 3:32

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